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Dentures can offer a significant quality-of-life improvement, enhancing your speech, bite and confidence.

Modern dentures look realistic and match the natural look of your teeth. They can also offer an improvement to your ability to eat and drink, providing you with increased comfort and potentially expanding the range of foods you can enjoy. There are two different types of dentures available – full and partial.

Patients often opt for partial dentures to replace missing teeth without having to extract any remaining natural teeth. False teeth attached to a gum-coloured plate slotted into the mouth, filling in any gaps. This plate attaches to neighbouring natural teeth via a metal clasp. Your dentist will take an impression or digital scan of your mouth to make sure your denture fit you perfectly.

If you have any remaining natural teeth, your dentist will remove these before they fit your custom-made dentures. As your gums continue to heal following tooth removal, you may need to have your denture remade or relined after a few months.

At Oxford House, we are proud to have a registered clinical denture technician available in the practice. There are very few registered CDTs in the UK. These specialists not only take incredibly accurate oral impressions, but they also skillfully produce the dentures as well.

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