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At Oxford House Dental Practice, we care about the health and wellbeing of our community, and take the time to build trust and understanding with every one of our patients. See their testimonials for yourself

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of patients improve and maintain their oral health. Our specialists also take pride in delivering outstanding results in cosmetic dentistry.

See what our patients have to say:

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Reputation Reviews

Reputation Reviews

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I have had some traumatic experiences with my teeth - one leading to a hospital operation some years ago, so I will admit that I am a nervous patient. My current dentist referred me to Cornelieu as they both agreed that a tooth I had already had extensive work on, some ten years previously, now needed root canal treatment, and I was keen to have sedation, which is something that is offered at Oxford House. 

Both at the pre treatment assessment and on the day, the team put me at my ease and were professional and reassuring. I can honestly say this is possibly the ’nicest’ experience I have had at the dentist…

Whilst private dental treatment is expensive, and sedation an extra cost, the mental and physical relief that I had by having this extra sedation and by having Cornelieu’s expertise are things that you can’t put a price on. I was extremely grateful to the whole team!

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The great thing about coming to Oxford House is that you have a good amount of time with the dentist. Everything is explained well, the state of your teeth , your gums and possible future treatments. There is plenty of time to ask questions. This is in stark contrast to the NHS practice I was with before!

I would recommend Kesh as a Dentist and the facilities the practice has. I joined the practice in March 2021. I met Kesh around November 2020 whilst he was doing emergency locum work. My teeth and gums were in a bad condition after years of neglect.I was suffering from peridontal disease and had to have 2 teeth taken out. Meeting him was the best thing for my teeth. He gave me a thorough explanation of Peridontal disease, how to stop it in its tracks, use interdental toothbrushes and a good toothpaste to use. Eight months later my teeth and gums are in a good condition! I can now see Kesh and the Hygenist every six months! The best thing is I am no longer suffering from peridontal disease! All thanks to him! I would recommend him and the practice to anyone who is serious about their teeth

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I had lots. Of problems with health and my teeth, I came to Oxford house because I had decided to get implants done and I had tried dentures and I couldn’t on with dentures.

My treatment was taken over by Harshil. Once I met him he made me very comfortable and explained very patiently of the plan was for treatment of my teeth, as for his service I can recommend him to anyone and everyone his service was very commendable as he had lots of patience with my concerns and explained in detail what was about to happen. I am not sure of product used for my treatment I put my trust in Harshil , I am still waiting for the treatment to finish to understand the benefits but I am sure it will be excellent. I will recommend to everyone to get implants to anyone who is interested and once the treatment is finished. I can think of the benefits and investment but so far excellent and it was less scary because of Harshil I trusted him 100% I will definitely recommend him and Oxford house

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It seems like I’ve spent every Wednesday afternoon at Oxford house for the last couple of months!

From the reception at the door to treatment from my Dentist, the experience has been excellent.

Four Crowns (one more to be done) & a couple of filling later I have to say Kesh, Grace & lately Robin have look after me superbly.Get to watch Tv & listen to Keshs music while been treated kept me relaxed

Thanks to everyone at Oxford house & I will look forward to my Next Appointment 

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Anthony W. Farmborough

It’s been my privilege to be a patient at Oxford House Dental Practice for twenty five plus years. I’ve always seen a particular dentist in that practice, only on one occasion, (an emergency) seeing another member of the practice. My experience of the care and consideration shown by all members of staff is, and always has been first class. I am made to feel completely at ease from the moment I step through the reception door. I’m always assured of a warm welcome, smile and cheerful “Hello, nice to see you” from the staff on the reception desk. Wonderful!

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Dave O’Donoghue

Staff are always very friendly but at the same time very professional. I have been going to this practice for a number of years and have been seen by quite a few of the dentists and hygienists, but I have always received first class treatment. I would recommend this place and I personally wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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I have been with this practice for over 30 years and have nothing but admiration for the very high standards to which they all work. Previously I had wide experience of other dentists including trainers at Guys. None met the same standards and matching results. So far as the question of fees is concerned – you get what you pay for!

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MK John

I am one of those nervous dental phobic types and here I’m at ease. All the staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome, it’s clean, tidy and after a few trips there my phobia is all but gone. 1st trip was a small filling, 2nd was a wisdom tooth out – been back many times since for checkups and wouldn’t go anywhere else, wouldn’t trust anyone else. My view is that you only get one set of your own teeth, if you’re going to have someone take care of them when things need doing – pay a fair price and get the best service you can.
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Feel comfortable coming here. Everyone puts me at ease. All staff very friendly and caring. Offer wide range of treatments. Having invisalign and have been put at ease through whole procedure.

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I have seen the same dentist and formed a strong professional relationship with her. She listens and understands – gives good and sensible advice. Especially caring whilst I went through my cancer treatment and I felt looked after and cared for at a very scary time. I highly recommend this practice.

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I have always found all the staff from the receptionists through to the dental staff very professional, helpful, friendly going out of their way to be as helpful as they can. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone.

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Always able to access advice and an appointment. Was able to access emergency care on Saturday night and was given antibiotics at that time by the dentist on duty. The hygienist very good with anxious patients

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Oxford House has always been a welcoming, friendly and professional practice. The team from administration through to hygienist and dentist, work well together to create the above mentioned. My dentist during this time has now retired. I have no doubt the transition to a new dentist will be smooth and my confidence in him remains.

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I am a very scared / nervous and difficult at the dentist and the patience that my dentist has shown me over the many years is commendable. I undertook some cognitive therapy to help with my visits which Beverley embraced enormously with making mock X-ray pads, pretending to complete procedures and a lot of extra time. All the staff at the practice are very helpful and friendly even when I am a mess after treatment!!

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