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Crowns are ideal for chipped, broken or decaying teeth, strengthening your mouth and preventing further damage. Dental crowns not only enhance the appearance of your teeth; they also have benefits for your long-term oral health.

Precisely shaped to complement your bite, jaw movement and other teeth, crowns are designed to act and feel like natural teeth. A lasting solution for your smile, they can be made from porcelain, ceramics or metal.

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns restore and protect your teeth, to give you the confidence to smile and bite again. When fitted by a team of experienced professionals, they offer long-term, natural-looking results, improving the shape and appearance of your teeth.

Crowns can be moulded around existing teeth for minor or cosmetic treatment, or fitted as part of a tooth implant procedure where more extensive treatment is required. By investing in dental crowns for damaged or decaying teeth, you can enjoy stronger, healthier teeth for years to come.

Milton Keynes dentists

At Oxford House, we care about your dental health, and focus on achieving lasting results when fitting crowns for our patients. Our experienced dentists offer peace of mind that you are in safe hands when having dental crowns fitted with us.

We are committed to making this treatment a simple and painless procedure for our patients.  We will discuss your options, and arrange any preparatory work for your dental crowns at a convenient time for you.

If you need a dental crown repair, removal or replacement, Oxford House welcomes new patients who have had problems with crowns in the past. We shall ensure that you get a permanent fix for your teeth, with a friendly, professional service.

To arrange a complimentary consultation with our dental team, call 01908 373614 or email us today.

Restore your bite

Enhance your smile

Prevent further deterioration

A permanent solution