Introducing Clinipads

Here at Oxford House Dental Practice we are dedicated to improving our processes and our service for our patients. This begins with ensuring our staff are highly trained, highly qualified and all-round exceptional dental professionals, but it certainly doesn’t end there. We invest in top of the range dental technology to ensure your care is second to none. Our latest development is the introduction of Clinipads throughout the practice.

Clinipads are digital interfaces that will be used throughout reception and the waiting room instead of clumsy sheets of paper. If you’re familiar with a touch screen device you won’t have any issue getting used to our new system.  

Use our clinipads to fill out medical history forms, consent forms, view estimates and make signatures – all completely digital without the need for pens and paper. Simply make yourself known at reception before an appointment, find a comfortable seat in the waiting room, and enter your details. They will be saved on our system in seconds, without the need for extensive administration and freeing up our staff’s valuable time.

Not only does it make our time more efficient so we can focus on improving your care, but the paperless system cuts down on our waste and reduces our carbon footprint. It also limits the potential for mistakes, as there is no need for our staff to read what patients have written and transfer it online – everything that is entered onto the Clinipad is uploaded to our system immediately, making the margin for error smaller than ever. 

By bringing more automated technology such as Clinipads into the practice, we move closer to our goal of a smooth, seamless and completely stress-free experience for our patients. Our main priority is your care and your welfare, and paperless Clinipads are just the latest step in our journey towards that. 

Oxford House Dental Practice is a premium dental service based in Milton Keynes. Whether you are a new patient or have been visiting us for years, our specialist dental professionals are dedicated to giving you the high-end care you deserve.

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Teaching oral hygiene at Oxley Park School

hands-up-in-classAt Oxford House Dental Practice we believe that good oral oral health starts when you are young, and good habits and knowledge at a young age can only help as you get older. When it comes to dental health and oral hygiene, preventative measures are preferable to treatment so when the nearby Oxley Park School invited Hafsa (dental therapist) and Kirsten (dental nurse) to help teach two classes of children about healthy eating and oral hygiene, they literally jumped at the opportunity.

The lessons were planned around learning types of teeth in both adult and primary dentition, the correct way to brush your teeth, with demonstrations, and different types of healthy and unhealthy snacks.

The day was a great success. The children were enthusiastic and fully engaged across all the activities. Hafsa highlighted that “It was interesting that their knowledge of types of teeth was generally good but they were not so sure about the difference between dentitions” – a knowledge gap that Hafsa and Kirsten were delighted to fill.

They already knew that ideally they should brush their teeth twice a day, but they did not know that brushing teeth at night can be more important than in the morning. They were glad to learn this and all agreed to bear that in mind from now on.

The lesson ended with an activity. Hafsa and Kirsten presented the children with a range of snacks, and gave them the task of identifying the healthy and unhealthy ones. Most of them were pretty obvious, which the children pointed them out straight away. But the main thing that threw them was the food that had a lot of hidden sugar – tomato ketchup and smoothies.  A valuable insight.

The children were engaged, attentive, and enjoyed the lessons. They each left with a goody bag filled with activity sheets, a tooth-brushing chart, a pencil, a toothbrush, toothpaste and a sticker. They left the classroom with bright shining smiles – which after that day will be shining for years to come.

Hafsa and Kirsten also thoroughly enjoyed the day. The team understands the importance of teaching children how to clean and look after their teeth, and school visits are a regular part of daily life at Oxford House.

If you would like our dentists to visit your school and teach about oral hygiene and dental health, feel free to get in touch by calling 01908 887389.

My first four months as Trainee Dental Nurse

canstockphoto18242518My name is Elly and I joined Oxford House at the beginning of July as a Trainee nurse. I applied for this job as I wanted to begin a career within a healthcare setting. Before this job I was working in a pub. I did have fun whilst I was there but I always knew it was never going to be a forever job. I soon started seeing my friends and family progressing in their careers and being passionate about what they did and I was envious of this and I soon came to the conclusion that I didn’t not want to work in hospitality anymore and that’s when I decided to apply for the position of trainee dental nurse here at Oxford House.

It would be fair to say that dental nursing was not as simple as I initially thought at the beginning. I soon realised it was complex and I had a lot to learn. I had no idea about the anatomy of the mouth or any of the materials used in dentistry. A lot of people said to me it was similar to learning a new language and one day it would just click.  It has taken a lot of patience and focus, but four months down the line I definitely feel a lot more confident as I have been learning lots from the Hygienists, Dentists, Nurses and Receptionists. I have been really fortunate to get a chance to help on the reception and also nurse with the hygienists and occasionally even the dentists (normally with someone helping me).  By being with different people with different roles its really helped me to understand how the practice is ran so efficiently and the importance of communication. I also have developed a greater understanding of the terminology.

One of the best parts about nursing is meeting the patients. Everyone is different, so it makes the day more interesting as no day is the same. I also get great job satisfaction when I know I have helped them.  All of the patients at Oxford House are so patient with me, especially when I’m learning a new skill on reception or taking some new details on the phone.

The last four months have gone so quickly and I can only thank all of the team for letting me in to the big Oxford House family. I have learnt so much in that short space of time and feel like I have been part of the team for a lot longer than 4 months and I am really enjoying Dental nursing and Reception. I enjoy working with everyone and I feel lucky to be in career I enjoy and can progress in. I can’t wait to start my course and to eventually become a qualified dental nurse, and I know this is just the beginning of a long career in helping people!

Teeth Whitening

I have been looking for whiter teeth for a long time.  There are many products on the market that claim to whiten teeth, but there seems to be little research behind these products.

I decided I wanted to whiten my teeth, as I simply wasn’t happy with the shade of them. Luckily, I have minimal to no staining on my teeth, I just wanted them whiter than white! I embarked on the whitening process here at Oxford House through my dentist. 

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A Spotlight on Secret Sugar in Snacks

Nowadays, it is common knowledge that sugar is bad for your teeth, gums and weight. We have been educating adults and children on the dangers of over-consuming on ‘bad’ food, such as chocolate, cake and sweets, for years. But what about those snacks that have long escaped the spotlight?

Sugar can be found in almost all of our snacks, including those foods often marketed as a healthier alternative. To help you understand where sugar is creeping into your diet, Oxford House Dental Practice explores the secret sugar in snacks.

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Oxford House Blue Day

At Oxford House, we care about the oral health of our patients, and understand just how important quality care is to the prevention of disease. Oral cancer is an issue that we hold very close to our hearts, as we have seen first hand the pain and distress it can cause to those afflicted by the disease, and their family members.

To this end, we decided to hold a charity day in November last year, to raise awareness about the disease and raise vital funds for Mouth Cancer Action.

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