Nervous Patient Facebook Ad 1We understand that dental treatment can be distressing for nervous patients. A fear of pain, discomfort or the loss of control are all common causes of anxiety that both adults and children face during a trip to the dentist.

However, when dealt with in a gentle and caring way by your dental team, nerves and phobias can be reduced or even eliminated.

At Oxford House, we take pride in our compassionate approach to dentistry, to ensure that your visits to our practice are as pleasant as possible.

The benefits of IV Sedation

IV sedation is one of the fastest and most effective ways to reduce nerves, pain and anxiety during dental treatment. This medication induces a state of relaxation that will take your mind off the procedure and allow you to have that treatment you have put off for so long.

Where appropriate, we recommend IV sedation for nervous patients undergoing treatment such as dental implants. By choosing sedation, you will stay relaxed and calm throughout the procedure, with minimal pain and discomfort.

Anxiety-reducing techniques

Sedation isn’t the only way in which dental practices can support nervous patients. By taking a kind and caring approach, and understanding the individual fears and concerns you face, dentists can help you reduce or overcome any anxieties you may have.

At Oxford House, our anxiety-reducing techniques have been recognised at a national level by the industry. We take the time to get to know our patients from their very first appointment, to ensure that any issues or concerns are dealt with in a compassionate manner.

To discuss any worries or fears you have, contact us on 01908 373614 or to have a chat with our friendly team.


Kaival Patel is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

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