Limited Teeth Whitening Offer – Free Oral B Tooth Brush With Enlighten Teeth Whitening Treatment

Over the years, our smile loses its shine. Tea, coffee, red wine, curry and smoking can all take their toll on your teeth, dulling their appearance and staining them yellow. Teeth whitening can reverse these effects, leaving your teeth looking milky white once more.

White teeth can make a huge difference to your appearance, brightening up your smile and increasing your self-confidence. By choosing a trusted cosmetic dentist for your treatment, you can achieve long-term results through professional teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening

There are countless tooth whitening systems on the market, but not all offer premium results and a lasting finish. To ensure that you are satisfied with the results, it is essential to visit a trusted local dentist when having your teeth whitened.

With the right support, you can remove stains from your teeth and achieve a whiter smile that will boost your confidence for years to come. At Oxford House, we offer safe, painless and cost-effective teeth whitening solutions to patients throughout Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire.

Why choose us?

Oxford House uses premium products and years of experience to make your teeth whiter, giving you a smile that you will want to show off.  We offer a variety of tooth whitening solutions to help you find a treatment that is perfect for your needs.

As well as providing professional teeth whitening in our Milton Keynes dental practice, we can advise you on home solutions that will protect and prolong the results of your whitening. Our friendly team of dentists are here to answer all your questions, and can talk you through other treatments that will improve your smile even further.

To find out more about our teeth whitening solutions, give us a call on 01908 373614.

Remove staining

Several shades whiter

Boost your confidence

Long-term results