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Regular check ups are crucial to maintain your oral hygiene, identify any problems, and thoroughly clean more difficult-to-reach areas of your mouth. Your dental check-up is also an opportunity to raise any problems or concerns you may have.

Your hygienist will scale and polish your teeth, as well as carefully inspecting your teeth and gums, to ensure that your oral health and hygiene are protected.

Scaling and polishing

No matter how well you brush your teeth and floss, plaque and staining can build up on your teeth over time. This can dull the appearance of your smile, cause bad breath, damage your tooth enamel and, in the long term, lead the tooth decay.

Scaling and polishing targets build-ups of plaque and staining, to leave your teeth looking and feeling fantastic. For best results, you should consider professional teeth cleaning every six months.

Meet our hygienists

Our experienced hygienists will gently and effectively remove plaque and staining from your teeth. We will also carefully inspect your teeth and gums for any issues to keep an eye on. For problems such as build-ups of plaque or receding gums, we can advise on the best way to care for your mouth on a day-to-day basis.

During your check-up, our friendly dentists will take the time to listen to any questions or concerns you have, to explore your needs and discuss your options. If you require further dental treatment, we shall guide you through the next steps, to help you find a fast and effective solution.

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