Milton Keynes Dental Care Sinus LiftSinus lifts are essential for patients who lack sufficient healthy jaw bone to support dental implants. Sinus augmentation involves adding or moving bone tissue, to promote the natural growth of new bone.

The process can take several months, but will result in your upper jaw being strong enough to support dental implants.

The benefits of a sinus lift

Sinus augmentation may sound daunting, but it is a crucial first step towards a fuller, healthier smile if you’ve experienced problems with jaw bone loss. Over time, missing teeth can cause the bone beneath to deteriorate, whilst age can also play a role in the relative shape and size of your bone structure.

Prepare your mouth for dental implants with sinus lift surgery that will restore the structure of your upper jaw and prepare your mouth for dental implants. Once your jaw bone has developed and healed, you can have dental implants fitted to restore those spaces at the back of your mouth.

Why choose us?

Oxford House takes a professional, caring approach to sinus lift surgery. We are also proud to have specialist Oral Surgeons who will treat you at the practice rather than being referred elsewhere. Our dentists use cutting edge 3D scanners to assess the density and condition of bone in your jaw, to determine whether sinus augmentation is indeed required and we can also offer IV sedation to reduce your anxiety.

When your bone has developed sufficiently for dental implants, our experienced team can map out your dental implant plan, to give you a clear picture of what to expect. With our state of the art Planmex Promax 3D system, we can ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.

To find out more about sinus lifts, give us a call on01908 373614 to arrange an appointment.

Strengthen your upper jaw

3D technology for precise, accurate results

IV sedation to minimise pain

The first step to a new smile