Follow Our Easy Referral Steps Below…

Step 1





Complete online form at
Fill in form in referral pack and return in
self-addressed envelope
Download PDF form and email to


Step 2

Be sure to let us know if you require a radiologist report by Dr Jimmy Makdissi by ticking the box on the form and allow 1 week for this


Step 3

How will my patient be contacted?

We will attempt to call the patient within 24 hours of receiving the referral and arrange an appointment as soon as possible. If they’re not available we will email the patient and await confirmation.

We will then contact you via email to confirm their appointment time to keep you informed.


Step 4

The patient will arrive and have the scan taken and checked with a dental surgeon qualified in Cone Beam CT radiology.

Never will the treatment plan or results be discussed by any of our clinicians with your patient. Payment will be taken from the patient unless otherwise specified.


Step 5

You have the option to receive the scan via a USB storage device provided by Oxford house, a simple Dropbox sharing folder set up between Oxford House and your practice or via the Planmeca Cloud sharing platform if you have access to this.