A Spotlight on Secret Sugar in Snacks

Nowadays, it is common knowledge that sugar is bad for your teeth, gums and weight. We have been educating adults and children on the dangers of over-consuming on ‘bad’ food, such as chocolate, cake and sweets, for years. But what about those snacks that have long escaped the spotlight?

Sugar can be found in almost all of our snacks, including those foods often marketed as a healthier alternative. To help you understand where sugar is creeping into your diet, Oxford House Dental Practice explores the secret sugar in snacks.

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Oxford House Blue Day

At Oxford House, we care about the oral health of our patients, and understand just how important quality care is to the prevention of disease. Oral cancer is an issue that we hold very close to our hearts, as we have seen first hand the pain and distress it can cause to those afflicted by the disease, and their family members.

To this end, we decided to hold a charity day in November last year, to raise awareness about the disease and raise vital funds for Mouth Cancer Action.

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